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Radar field AESA

UlsanI class Radar - Transmission and ReceptionController

Product Specification

Gain Gontrol S/W로 구현 및 적용
Amp Control Drive Amp 1개와 Amp 20개를 하나의 제어기로 제어 가능
Processor TMS320F2812(32bit DSP) / FPGA (Virtex-5)
통신 RS232, LVDS

System composition

  • Supplies Ulsan-I classNaval 3D (distance,defense,altitude, etc.) mid distanceactive phased array Radar TRM Controllerto LIGNex1[2012~]
  • Maintains Reliable Radar TRM outputMaintenanceandprecisephase adjustmentFunction
  • High-speed Data Transmission and Reception Function using asynchronous LVDS Communicationmethod
  • Radar Amp protectionFunction for pre-detection and prevention of defect. Application of TRM failureMonitoringCircuitTechnology
  • Satisfies environmental conditions (Temperature,humidity,vibration) needed by Navalsystem