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Communication field

Next-generationSmall Unit Radio

Product Specification

Distance range 4Km
Dimension 66.5(W) x 80.6(D) x 145(H)
Display window 2.4 inch LCD
Weight 500g

System composition

  • Radio for small unit for operations commandCommunication between platoon ~squad to replace old personal portableradio (P-85K, P-96K)
  • Development of Next-generationSmall Unit RadioSystem(participating in cooperative developmentwith LIGNex1)
  • MainTechnologies
    • Can operate SDR-basedMulti-Channel (Frequency), small/Broadband/Low PowerDesign, Ad-hoc relay
    • Implemented portablesmall Size / high GainAntenna
    • User-centered Interface / App
    • Map SearchofLocation Information of GPS in real time on the Display Window on Internal Display (2.4inch)
    • Compatible with the existingradiovoiceCommunication, IP-basedDataCommunication, BluetoothInterlocking