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Communication field

TMMR (portable)

Product Specification

UVH : Frequency range UVHF
UVH : OutputPower 5W
UVH : Power consumption 54W(UVHF)
UVH : Switching Time 5㎲ (Max)
HF : Frequency range HF
HF : OutputPower 20W
HF : Power consumption 84W
HF : Switching Time 200㎲ (Max)
Function Alarm VSWR / Tema / TR Fail / DC-DC Fail

System composition

  • Completed cooperative developmentof Amplification Filterassemblywith LIGNex1by participating in TICN TMMR SystemDevelopmentProject[2013]
  • Applied Broadband (HF-UHF) / High Power (50W, 150W) DesignTechnologyfor high-speed, long-distanceCommunication
  • Applied Low Power / high efficiency / high linearity/ high-speedSwitchingTechnologyfor efficientoperation
  • Easy maintenance by applying Modulization Design and AmplifierProtection Circuitto prevent defectcaused by external environment